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Course covered in snow today.

16.01.2018 08:01

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New Course Update

  • New Course September Construction Update.

    Progress continues.

    update for September 2017 for the New  Golf Course. 

    of the works was negatively affected by the poor weather conditions during the
    month with heavy prolonged rain showers rendering many areas of the site
    inaccessible or unsuitable to work on; however the positive aspect has been the
    natural irrigation which is assisting with the growing in of the seeded out
    areas.  When the weather and ground conditions permitted, the contractor
    has continued in the month to construct the access paths between features,
    grade the fairways and place the topsoil around the banking of the water
    bodies. The irrigation line installation has also continued in the month as the
    contractor completes the works on the lower section of the site, with the tees
    and greens being seeded on completion.   

    following month’s construction will primarily concentrate on completing the
    remaining greens and tees, with the intention to seed these areas prior to the
    lower temperatures arriving.  Access into
    area 7 is also planned to start, to construct the works associated with the 18th
    green and undertake the mounding works in area 6 which was missed due to poor
    weather last month.